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    1. Hi, thanks for the enquiry and sorry for the delay in responding, it was a busy night. Below are our gluten free options.Please call 01423 817888 for more info or to order.

      Gluten Free Options

      The following will be cooked with gluten free soy sauce and, where applicable, gluten free oyster sauce.

      Chicken Dishes (all £4.40)
      42 Garlic Spicy Chicken (spicy)
      43 Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onions
      44 Chicken with Oyster Sauce
      46 Chicken with Mushroom
      47 Cumin Mongolian Chicken (extra spicy)
      49 Spicy Chicken (spicy)
      52 Chicken Szechuan Style (spicy)
      54 Chicken with Broccoli
      62 Chicken Chop Suey
      64A. Chicken with Coriander (spicy)
      Beef Dishes (all £4.50)
      83 Beef with Ginger & Spring Onions
      85 Beef with Broccoli
      86 Beef with Mushroom
      87 Beef with Oyster Sauce
      88 Beef Szechuan Style (spicy)
      89 Cumin Mongolian Beef (extra spicy)
      90 Beef Chop Suey
      91 Spicy Beef (spicy)
      96A. Beef with Coriander (spicy)
      King Prawn Dishes (all £5.20)
      107. King Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onions
      110 King Prawn with Broccoli
      111 King Prawn with Oyster Sauce
      113 King Prawn with Mushroom
      114B. King Prawn Chop Suey
      114C. King Prawn Szechuan Style (spicy)
      114E. Cumin Mongolian King Prawn (extra spicy)
      Rice Noodle Dishes
      143 Chicken Chow Mein £4.50
      144 Beef Chow Mein £4.60
      145 King Prawn Chow Mein £5.20
      146 Shrimp Chow Mein £4.50
      148 Plain Chow Mein (with veg) £3.00 (vegetarian)
      148A. Plain Chow Mein (without veg) £3.00 (vegetarian)
      149 Mushroom Chow Mein £3.90 (vegetarian)
      152 Mixed Veg Chow Mein £3.90 (vegetarian)
      Egg Foo Yung dishes
      163 King Prawn Foo Yung £5.20
      164 Chicken Foo Yung £4.30
      165 Mushroom Foo Yung £3.70 (vegetarian)
      Rice Dishes
      174 King Prawn Fried Rice £5.20
      175 Chicken Fried Rice £4.50
      175A. Beef Fried Rice £4.60
      179 Shrimp Fried Rice £4.40
      180 Mixed Veg Fried Rice £3.90 (vegetarian)
      181 Mushroom Fried Rice £3.90 (vegetarian)
      182 Egg Fried Rice £2.30 (vegetarian)
      183 Boiled Rice £2.00 (vegetarian)
      Vegetable Dishes
      184 Fried Mushroom £3.60 (vegetarian)
      185 Mixed Vegetables £3.60 (vegetarian)
      185C. Mixed Vegetables Szechuan Style £4.10 (spicy) (vegetarian)
      186 Bean Sprouts £3.10 (vegetarian)
      186A. Fried Broccoli £3.90 (vegetarian)
      The following are suitable for those with a mild gluten intolerance, but not for those with coeliac disease, as they include ingredients that have been fried in oil that may have contained gluten:
      21 Seaweed £3.40 (vegetarian)
      48 Chicken with Cashew Nuts £4.50 (contains nuts)
      50 Kung Po Chicken £4.50 (spicy) (contains nuts)
      82 Kung Po Beef £4.60 (spicy) (contains nuts)
      82B Beef with Cashew Nuts £4.60 (contains nuts)
      105 Kung Po King Prawn £5.20 (spicy) (contains nuts)
      109 King Prawn with Cashew Nuts £5.20 (contains nuts)

    1. Hi Kevin, sorry for the delayed response, it was really busy tonight. We deliver up to 11pm 6 days a week (closed Tuesday’s). Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. We do. Appetisers: Seaweed / Vegetable Spring Rolls/ Salt & Pepper Tofu
      Mains: we can cook mixed veg or tofu in the following styles- Thai Curry, Satay, Garlic Spicy, Ginger & Spring Onions, Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce, Mongolian (sweet and spicy), Kung Po, Szechuan, Sweet & Sour Cantonese style, Chinese Curry, or Sweet Chilli.
      Rice noodle dishes: Mixed Veg Noodles, Mixed Veg Pad Thai, Mushroom Noodles, Plain Noodles (with or without onion & beansprouts). You can add tofu to these instead of the veg if you prefer (or have both, we’re flexible!).
      Rice (all cooked without egg): Fried Rice, Boiled Rice, Mixed Veg Fried Rice, Mushroom Fried Rice. Again, add tofu if you wish.
      I will chat to the chef to see if we can do any others for you. Feel free to call if you have any questions, we’re on 01423 817888. Ask for Jon, that’s me.

  1. Awful tonight!! You’re good is never consistent! The hot and sour soup just tasted like beat vinegar! The Singapore chew mien tastes off! The whole meal was inedible!! Really disappointed! It’s in my fridge if you want to come collect it and try it for yourself before it goes in the bin!!!

    1. Hi, sorry for not dealing with this sooner but I’ve only just seen your message. Sorry the food wasn’t enjoyable but thanks for getting in touch, we do appreciate the feedback. I think I know which customer you are judging by the dishes you’ve described so I will try and contact you directly tomorrow and sort a refund out for you. Jon.

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